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Management of Snake Bite, Dog Bite & Animal Bite

Management of Snake Bite

• Do it “R I G H T”.               R = Reassure                I = Immobilize           GH = Go to Hospital              T = Tell the doctor.
• No tying of ligature.
• No application of anything at site of bite.
• Anti-Venom Serum (AVS) – available in all bedded
  Govt. health facilities.
• AVS is “the treatment” of any poisonous bite of
• Compensation of Rs.1 lakh admissible for snake bite
   death, from Block Disaster Management Officer.
• Post-mortem examination report or certificate from
   treating hospital – mandatory for the compensation.

So patient to be taken to a bedded hospital of modern
system, not elsewhere !
• 3 categories of poisonous snakes:
       - Neurotoxic e.g. keute, gokhro, kalach
       - Haematotoxic e.g. vipers
       - Sea snakes; bite rare in W.Bengal.
• Bite marks are of no use to decide treatment.
• Snake need not be caught and shown to the doctor.
• Signs of envenomation may be delayed till 24 hours
  of bite (even 36 hours in a few cas…

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